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  • PS4 SAA-001 - Prośba o identyfikację elementu

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  1. Topic title should contain: the machine's manufacturer, full model and short description of failure.
  2. Topic message should contain: a PCB marking code (in case of hardware repairs), extended description of failure, what was checked/replaced/measured + conclusions and, the question. If you can't find a PCB marking code, you should read THIS TOPIC. If you still can't find a PCB markings, please put a clean, both-side, photos of the mainboard - it is required to remove any films and modules which possibly could cover these markings.
  3. Before posting a new topic, you should read all the topics in TRAININGS subforum and make a preliminary diagnostic based on the content of that trainings.
  4. Uploading of any complete instruction/schematics or BIOS files (or linking to other websites with such stuff) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. You can only place the small portion of instruction/schematic or, link to BIOS file on UNVERIFIED BIOS FILES subforum, which simplify the diagnostic/repair for the topic author. You can't place more then one complete page of instruction/schematic per single topic. File can't have any visible watermarks, "confidential" marks, email addresses etc.
  5. It is only allowed to describe a single faulty machibe per topic. For every other machine you should open a new topic.
  6. Asking for schematics, boardview, MB photos, BIOS files or service manuals is NOT ALLOWED. If you want to ask for any of these, you should open a new topic on DOCUMENTATION/BIOS REQUEST subforum.

#1 PS4 SAA-001 - Prośba o identyfikację elementu

by patrick1206 9 July 2019, 11:15
Witam jestem posiadaczem konsoli ps4, (płyta SAA-001) mam problem w identyfikacji układu, który zaznaczyłem na zdj. Czy mogę prosić o pomoc w zidentyfikowaniu układu?

Re: PS4 SAA-001 - Prośba o identyfikację elementu

by Google Adsense [BOT] 9 July 2019, 11:15

#2 Re: PS4 SAA-001 - Prośba o identyfikację elementu

by hussam 30 October 2019, 23:15
2.2kohm resistor

Re: PS4 SAA-001 - Prośba o identyfikację elementu

by Google Adsense [BOT] 30 October 2019, 23:15

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